Incorporating a new company

In Canada you can incorporate a new company in a specific province or Canada wide, give it a name (Named Company) or ask to have a number assigned (Numbered Company) as the name.

What are some benefits of a corporation?

  • Limited liability: potential loss limited to amount invested in the corporation.
  • Perpetual existence: corporation continues on after the death of the individual.
  • Tax advantages: accountants will recommend a corporation once revenues reach a certain point.
  • Raising capital: corporate form of business organization is easier to raise capital through the sale of shares.

Incorporations next steps

  1. Choose a name for your corporation;
    1. Consultation available (a new page)
    2. Obtain a NUANS name search report; and
    3. Complete and file articles of incorporation.
      1. Consultation available

Post incorporations steps

  1. Obtain corporate minute book and complete directors, officers and share holders records; and
    1. Consultation available
    2. File CIA form 1 initial notice of return; and
    3. Obtain business number.

Set up a meeting or call to discuss your incorporation process.